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Michael Weiss has reported on international affairs for over ten years with a dual focus on the Middle East and Russia. He has interviewed ISIS operatives and Russian spies; published and curated a series of still-classified KGB training manuals; reported from rebel-held Syria and war-torn Ukraine; broken major stories about financial corruption; and exposed the Russian intelligence services’ ongoing subversion efforts in the United States and Europe. 

His work has appeared in The Daily Beast, where maintains a column, The Atlantic, The New York Review of Books, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs and a host of other publications. A regular commentator on television, Weiss has covered the rise of ISIS and its spate of Western terror attacks for CNN, where he has been both a contributor and a national security analyst. He's appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Morning Joe, and Ronan Farrow Daily on MSNBC; Out Front with Erin Burnett and AC360 on CNN; Newsday on BBC World News; and Kennedy, America’s Newshour, and The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, as well as on Charlie Rose and Real Time with Bill Maher. 

Weiss is best known as the coauthor of the New York Times Bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror, which was also named one of the Top Ten Books on Terrorism by the Wall Street Journal and one of the Best Books of 2015 by the Times of London.  It was first released in paperback and then, owing to its commercial and critical success, re-released in hardcover "revised and expanded" edition. The book has been translated into seventeen foreign languages and is still regarded by many experts to be the best history of the terror organization yet published. 

Weiss is also the author of The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money, a 2014 pamphlet study on Russian disinformation and propaganda, which has since been circulated among Western governments as a prescient and seminal text for understanding a now-omnipresent international security threat. 

He is currently working on a book about the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, a subject which has already taken an active interest in its author. The photograph at the top of this page was snapped by the Associated Press for a story about how the same GRU hacking team that infiltrated the servers of the Democratic Party in 2016 also mounted a years-long campaign against journalists. Weiss was one of them.

more praise for "isis: inside the army of terror"

ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

Foreign Affairs:

 "Weiss and Hassan capture the complexity of the . . . imbroglios that gave rise to the Islamic State . . . in this thorough and accessible book."  

James Traub, The Wall Street Journal :

"A. . . detailed and nuanced story."

Tam Hussein, The Huffington Post

 “Incredibly rich and valuable for the specialist and non-specialist alike…it is a rich and nuanced piece touching on all the points that the arrival of ISIS has raised in Syria and Iraq.” 

Nick Cohen, The Spectator:

 "[A] superb piece of journalism, unsparing in its analysis of the folly of the Obama administration."

Daniel Finkelstein, The Times of London

 “Weiss and Hassan give a concise yet detailed account of the rise of the terror movement, anybody who wants to work out where they stand on Iraq and Syria will find this book invaluable.”